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Comfort Zone skin care products from Parma, Italy, rely on European philosophy that the skin in its state of maximum balance affects the mind, creating a marvellous feeling of harmony. Comfort Zone products combine all the senses with extraordinary effects, through touch, smell, sight, hearing and taste. Comfort Zone products are sold and used exclusively through the finest spas worldwide.

Featuring Comfort Zone skin care system. A fusion of European tradition, Asian wisdom and American innovation. Botanicals and vitamins deeply nourish and enhance the skin’s cellular activity and promote healing and restoration.


Signature Facials                                                                                                   1 hr €70

Soothing (rebalance)
For sensitive or rosacea skin, calming and healing.

For all skin types, especially dehydrated and sun damaged, replenishes skin and reduces wrinkles.

For dry and damaged skin, intensely nourishing and replenishing.

For oily or acneic skin, reduces impurities and redness.


Sublime Skin Delux Facial                                                                                     1h €90

A treatment that smoothes, densifies, illuminates and lifts the skin. Includes an active lift massage, double peeling followed by an innovative biophasic peel off mask packed with vitamins and collagen.

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