Specialist nail care by “The Jessica System”



A nail moisturiser, along with cuticle gel, file and cuticle care, then a massage with moisturiser before placing your hands in heated mittens for extra treatment and nourishment.

40 mins.  € 20

*French Manicure                                                                                         1hr    €23

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Your feet are soaked in a relaxing foot bath with a scrub. Removal of hard skin, file and cuticle care. A foot massage with nourishing cream, feet are then placed in heated booties for extra treatment and nourishment.

                                                                                                   45 – 60 mins.  €30

*French Pedicure                                                                                       1hr  €33

Re-varnish                                                                                                        €12

French re-varnish                                                                                             €15

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Nails only                                                                                        40 mins.   €30

Take off & re-apply                                                                          from 1hr   €35

Feet with pedicure                                                                      1hr 15 mins.  €45

Note: When soaking off if not shellac extra will be charged



All prices include IVA

Cancellation policy
A cancellation fee of €20 is charged if notice to cancel any appointment is not given within 24 hours.