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Multidimensional Therapy

  • (50min. - 50€)
    Multidimensional Therapy is the therapy of the heart. This form of therapy helps people along their process to ascension. Working on the transmutation of traumatic memories either from this lifetime, in-utero or past lives. Together with the balancing of the Chakras and stabilisation of lower vibrations we can cultivate a state of inner peace and well being.

Blue Psionic Table

  • (80min. - 70€)
    Blue Psionic Table is a quantic tool, based in radiestesy, radionic, psionic and sacred geometry principles.
    This table acts in all areas of life, different timelines and dimensions. It unlocks, cancels and transmutes energy and information that may be blocking our true potential.
    It results in a deep work through the connection with our superior self. Guiding us to a conscient life and more adjusted to our true purpose.

Tarot Reading

  • (60min. - 50€)
    Tarot is a powerful tool that helps uncover unconscious thoughts and feelings.
    It may guide you in a specific area of life, or in general. Helping you with your path.